Where did I go?


So…I kind of disappeared from my blog…for 4 or so months.

Yes, I know. I abandoned my blog on here. After my last blog post I got really busy. A lot happened. And I found myself overwhelmed with many changes happening in my life. I’ve faced disappointments, highs and lows. But I’ve also got new opportunities and for the first time in months, I’m learning new things all the time.

But I think today, I’m going to talk about the stand out moments.

Firstly, a bad experience. Now if you know me in person, you’ll know I dislike talking to people I don’t know. I’m an anxious person and in September I was forced into a situation I was totally uncomfortable in, and paid the price for it, even though I was alone I still felt I let everyone down. It involved using an office telephone, where I would be made to talk to the public even though the people around me knew I wasn’t ready. Which resulted in a bad phonecall happening while alone which consequently left me being the one punished. Needless to say, I was extremely affected by this incident. But luckily I had family and friends around me who shared the same outrage as I did, for paying the price for someone else’s inability to care for and supervise a 16 year old. Now I have changed my career path completely. I have found something I love to do.

Secondly, a positive. Now, if you are at all familiar with the YouTuber community, you may know a channel (for selection of channels) which go by the name of Just Kidding Films/News/Party/Gamer. These guys have changed my life. They were created by two guys named Bart Kwan and Joe Jo. As time passed other crew members joined such as Geo Antoinette (now Geo Antoinette Kwan!!), Casey Chan, Tiff Del Real, Julia Chow, Tommy Trihn, Brandon Choi, Josh Osei, Michael Chiu, Sean Nguyen, and the amazing editors (there’s so many – I can’t remember all their names) Loryn, Byron, Can and loads more.
Of course we can’t forget David So, Anthony Lee and Gina Darling. They’re like part of the crew too!!
My love for all of these guys can go on forever. I watch their vlogs (on the Geo Antoinette where you can find vlogs from Bart and Geo AND the Joverdose channel where you can find vlogs from Joe). With these vlogs comes the Barbell Brigade crew (Bart’s gym) with the likes of Lu, Nadeem, Joe, Alex, Churro, Silent Mike and Omar (occasionally). You guys are hilarious.
All joking aside, all of the people mentioned are incredible. They’re all so humble and the couples in there are my OTPs for real. When Bart and Geo got married, it felt like the fans were there, watching as our idols live their lives together. Wow, I’m in serious fangirl mode right now. But seriously, if you want a good laugh, honest opinions, adventures, gaming, advice, and just amazing role models, check out JK.

I think that’s all I have time for now. Thanks so much for checking in with me today. I’ll definitely be blogging a lot more.

Thanks again,



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