Perfection – why it doesn’t really exist

Ready for your weekly dose of the Life of Lauren? I was originally going to do a review this week, but I got the flu and I’ve been wiped out since last Saturday. So this week’s post is going to be a little different.

Perfect. Perfection. The word used to describe the best of something. The best looking. The best song. The best art. Something that ticks all the boxes, fits the criteria.

In today’s society, we seem to obsess over perfection – especially when comes to appearance and body. We mould ourselves to be whatever ‘perfect’ is, whether the definition is given by the media or the repetitive looks and ideals of celebrity appearances. Simply put, we’re seeking approval from society. But for what?


Bullying stems from this ideal of what ‘perfection’ is supposed to be. When I got bullied, it was mainly because I didn’t fit societies ideal; wasn’t super slim, I didn’t have perfect clear skin, my hair wasn’t always nice, I wasn’t completely hairless. The sad thing is I was only 13 when I was bullied about these things. 13 years old. Very much still a child but that’s when I began to lose my confidence. Then I realised something. These bullies knew it upset me, they knew these ‘imperfections’ made me feel insecure. My insecurities was their ammunition.
I realised that other people could see different parts of me that were ‘perfect’. Others couldn’t see that.

Then I figured it out. Perfection is an opinion, it isn’t fact, an individual’s idea of perfection can vary from person to person. But what’s so sad is that we focus on those who fail to see perfection in us. Who point out our flaws. Who make us feel bad. Who use our flaws against us. Ignore them. I know it’s hard. They don’t have to think you’re perfect, but make them respect you. Everyone deserves respect. Everyone deserves to feel perfect.

Your flaws are what make you human. Trust me, I have many flaws. Be the best person you can be, on the inside more so than the outside. Make yourself feel comfortable, happy, wear makeup, don’t wear makeup, dress up, dress down, be yourself. But most of all, be kind.

I know this post is deep, but it’s something which so many people go through.

If you take anything away from this post, let it be this: when you accept your flaws, nobody can use them against you.

Until next time,


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