MAKEUP REVIEW | Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette 

Hi guys! 

I’ve got a great review for you today, the long awaited Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette with swatches and a description of each eyeshadow.

So first let’s take a look at the packaging. When purchased the palette does come in a pretty fancy cardboard box (but I’m using it for reference so I don’t have a picture). The actual packaging for the palette is pretty nice. It’s different from the Naked 1 but the same as the Naked 3. It’s a tinny kind of material with ‘Naked 2 Urban Decay’ written in gold on the front.


Inside there is a mirror along with the 12 eye shadows (and names) and a little compartment for the brush that’s included with the palette. The brush is a pretty standard with a somewhat fluffy end and the other for packing on the shadow. It works really well with the shadows, however you get a more pigmented result using your finger.

So onto the shadows. There are 12 eye shadows and they are all neutrals. As Urban Decay describe it, you can “Expand your Naked range to create even more sultry neutral looks, smoky dramatic looks and everything in between”. I completely agree with their statement. This palette is so versatile and I would definitely recommend this palette if you are deciding which Naked palette to try out. Because all the eye shadows are neutral, you can create an endless number of looks which are perfect for both day and night.


Now onto swatches of all the eye shadows;

  • Foxy – a matte cream
  • Half Baked – a dark golden shimmer 
  • Bootycall – a champagne satin
  • Chopper – a coppery shimmer
  • Tease – a matte dark brown
  • Snakebite – a dark brown shimmer
  • Suspect – a light brown/golden shimmer 
  • Pistol – a charcoal grey shimmer
  • Verve – a silvery grey shimmer 
  • YDK – a medium brown shimmer
  • Busted – a dark brown satin
  • Blackout – a matte black

 Along with this palette I received samples of each primer potion (Original, Eden, Sin and Anti-aging) which each sample contains enough to last a week.

This palette is available from loads of retailers. I bought mine from Debenhams (it was one of the cheaper places) and it was £38.50 (plus free delivery).

Overall I absolutely love this palette and I totally think this is a must have palette for anyone who loves makeup or needs an everyday palette which can create any kind of look. 

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