BATTLE OF THE FOUNDATIONS | Rimmel Match Perfection vs Loreal True Match

Hello and welcome back! 

Today the battle begins between two drugstore foundations. Rimmel Match Perfection vs Loreal True Match. I’ll be assessing which each foundation claims to do (using the information on their websites) and testing the coverage, longevity and of course the match to my skin.

**DISCLAIMER** You may notice the packaging is for the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation is different from the one in stores. From research and other reviews I have concluded the product is the same and has acted the same. 

**DISCLAIMER** I used the W7 Prime Magic Camera Ready Primer before applying both foundations because I use a primer whenever I wear makeup.

Let the battle commence!

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

First up, Match Perfection.

  • 12 Shades available 
  • 1fl oz/ 30ml
  • £7.99


What does it claim to do?

So let’s take a look at what the bottle says:

  • SPF 18 – 20
  • Light perfecting radiance foundation

Now let’s take a look at the website:


So overall they’re claiming it provides invisible coverage (assuming that means it’s extremely skin like), it’s not heavy on the skin, it minimises pores, provides protection from everyday sunlight, it matches the skin tone perfectly and provides 24 hour hydration (nothing is said about the longevity, but is this a hint?).

Now before I get really into the coverage of this foundation, I strongly recommend you apply this with a DRY beauty blender/brush – I’ll explain why later on. 

Please excuse the awful camera qualifty.

Anyways, this was taken in natural light and as you can see you can defiantly still see imperfections on my forehead and around my nose. In person it is more noticeable.

I applied the foundation with a dry beauty blender because the foundation is very runny and it is extremely sheer when applied, so I figured it doesn’t give a true picture of what the coverage is like. 

The foundation is somewhat buildable but because it is so thin you tend to just transfer the product from one place to another.

I would say this foundation is light-medium coverage and perfect for those who don’t have many blemishes or redness.


I’ve been testing this foundation for a few months now and it has been worn for whole days while I’ve been working.

I would apply this foundation in the morning (about 8am) and I would remove it at the latest 9pm. That’s a good 13 hours of wear. I would apply the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder also. By the end of the day I would be shiny but it does stay on and doesn’t clump. 

Plus, it doesn’t oxidise at all.

Shade Match

Now I know Rimmel are not known for their extensive shade range and it usually ranges from an Ivory kind of shade to shades that are not very dark at all. But I personally have the problem of finding a foundation that is pale enough for me. 

My shade for this foundation is 010 Light Porcelain and it matches perfectly. It’s just a shame they don’t cater for the darker skinned people out three. Seriously Rimmel, you got a sort this out.

Overall Thoughts

I think this foundation is great for summer time. It’s extremely light weight and the coverage is minimal which is great for those minimal makeup days. It doesn’t dry out my skin and it is quite transfer proof. It’s just a shame the shade range isn’t great.

As for invisible coverage, well if you mean invisible as in there is not coverage then I guess you’re correct. But if you mean the foundation is natural looking then that statement is correct too.

Loreal True Match Foundation

  • 21 shades 
  • 1fl oz/30 ml
  • £9.99


What does it claim to do?

Let’s take a look at the bottle:

  • Super blendable foundation
  • Perfectly matches skin colour and texture
  • SPF 17 

Now let’s take a look at the website:

So what I get from the website and bottle is that it will blend really well and look super natural while creating flawless skin. It provides good protection from the sun and it has an really good selection of shades. I will also have radiant looking skin.


I applied the foundation with a damp beauty blender as it has a thicker consistency.

Ok so you may not be able to see a great deal of difference in the pictures however in person you can definitely tell I am wearing foundation. 

This foundation has taken away a lot of redness from blemishes and I would say it is a medium-full converage foundation and is good for fall/winter time.

You can build this foundation up to the desired coverage however it isn’t completely transfer proof.


This foundation lasted pretty well throughout the day. I did get shiny but that’s pretty much what happens every time with drugstore foundations. It didn’t oxidise throughout the day which I am very glad about.

Shade Match

The shades for this foundation can be quite confusing if you don’t know your undertone (take a look at my undertones blog post here if you want to learn more).

So they do Cool, Neutral and Warm undertones along with shades ranging from light-dark in each undertone category. They say they have 21 shades so it works out at 7 shades per undertone.

I have struggled to find a perfect match with this foundation as 1C and 1N had both matched my skin tone at one time or another. But today I used 1C and it seemed to match pretty well, but not as good as the Rimmel foundation which doesn’t rate their foundation shades by undertone.

Overall Opinion

This foundation is very good coverage and is perfect for the winter. It does do what Loreal says it does and the shade range is really good. 

It is blendable providing you get the correct shade.
Ok guys, that all for this week’s blog post. I wanted to make this a thorough as possible but if you have any other questions about either foundation, then just leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

Until next time,




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