MAKEUP REVIEW | Milani Baked Blush ‘Luminoso’ 

Now I’ve never really been a blush kind of girl but I’ve recently wanted to start increasing my blush collection.

I’ve heard so much hype over the Milani Baked Blushes but unfortunately they are not sold in any drugstores in the UK. But luckily the great Amazon was selling all the baked blushes so I picked one up.

I decided to just go with one blush as I’ve bought a hyped up product before and it wasn’t as good as everyone said it was so I thought I’d be safe and just pick one.

So I went with Luminoso and I’ve got to tell you, the picture on Amazon is quite misleading:


As you can see, the picture makes the blush look like a gorgeous pink colour. However when I received the blush… 

It most definitely was not pink. But I still adored the colour, even though it was more orange than expected.

The packaging looks very high end as it’s gold. But as expected from the drugstore it felt like plastic.

I found out there was a SECRET COMPARTMENT and I was so excited. Inside there is a generic brush which I probably won’t use but I’ll still keep in there just in case I’m travelling and forget my blush brush. There’s also a small mirror.

Ok so on the left I’ve applied about 3 layers with a blush brush. On the right I’ve applied a swatch with my finger. In the face it will look slightly different with the rest of your makeup (contour etc). The colour is almost satin and it gives a really pretty glow to the cheeks.

That all for this week’s blog post.

Until next time,




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