MAKEUP REVIEW | Makeup Revolution 144 Eyeshadow 2016 Collection Palette

Today we have a massive review on the equally massive eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution. MR released a 2016 palette with 144 eyeshadows. The palette consists of lots of neutrals with some beautiful vibrant colours. It also has a mixture of mattes and shimmers (where the quality varies considerably).

Now since there are 144 shadows I won’t be swatching all of them, but here’s a picture of the whole palette;

As mentioned earlier the quality varies with each shadows. Some shimmers are super creamy and pigmented whereas others are quite powdery and have minimal colour pay-off. The same goes with the matte eyeshadows although the quality seems better and more consistent (better pigmentation and blending power). Overall I would say the quality if pretty good for a drugstore palette and the majority of 144 shadows. 
The packaging is nice. It’s hardly compact but included is a tiny mirror and two basic double ended applicators. The packaging a pretty chic and doesn’t look tacky, but due to it’s size it could be a challenge to store.
As mentioned earlier, there are loads and loads of stunning neutrals (they make up over half the palette) and some pretty awesome vibrants. I’ve wondered whether MR based this palette on the upcoming trends in 2016 as so far neutral eyes have been popular but adding a pop of colour could prove to be the style of summer 2016.  Her are some swatches I’ve done of a selection of eyeshadows from this palette;

In the palette there are gorgeous bronzes and orange tones which I know I will use during the autumn/fall. There are plenty of matte browns which is super useful since I find I need a different shade of brown each time I do my makeup!

As well as that, there are endless highlights (both matte and shimmer) which all have great pigmentation. 

This palette is still available from the Makeup Revolution website for £20. I would recommend waiting a while before you purchase it though because I got mine at the discounted price of £8!

That’s all for now,

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