MAKEUP REVIEW | Update on Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation 

Hi guys, first up I want to apologise for missing a blog post on Friday. I have no excuses but to make up for it I have two posts for you this week.

So today I’ve decided to do an updated review on the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation as my opinions have changed.

Last time I said that the coverage was nothing spectacular, and honestly it’s still not a full coverage foundation. BUT the coverage and feel of the foundation changes dramatically depending on how you apply it. In my review before I used a beauty blender to apply it which obviously sheered it out. I later on applied it using my hands (or fingers) which increased the coverage but it didn’t look as good as the beauty blender. HOWEVER I recently started applying it with a flat top kabuki brush and my goodness, the coverage is increased by a ton and it looks flawless and not streaky! 

That’s really all I have to update you on but it’s something which I’ve seen many people mention when reviewing this foundation and as with any foundation, the way you apply it can be just as important and the product itself.

Until next time,




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