Makeup for Beginners 101

Hi guys. As promised here’s my second post of the week. Today’s post is for those who are wanting to start getting into makeup or those who want to take it back to the beginning. I’ll be going over what kind of products are good if you are starting off, some essential tools and some extras including a few tips. Let’s go!


When beginning to use makeup, I recommend using only a few staple products. These are the ones that you’ll always revert back to even if your makeup collection grows. I’ll be listing products which I think are great for beginners or those who like the basics of makeup. In my preferred order of application;

  • BB Cream – quick and easy application, kinder to the skin than most foundations, looks so natural but provides beautiful coverage 
  • Concealer – can cover any blemishes/dark circles and can double as a highlight
  • Eyebrow Plumper/Mascara – adds a slight tint to brows, shapes and fixes them in place, super quick
  • Mascara – gives the lashes volume and length, instantly opens up the eyes
  • Lip Tint – gives the lips a natural pop of colour, can also double as a blush!


  • Beauty Blender (or any tear drop shaped sponge..there are endless dupes for the original Beauty Blender) – multi purpose sponge, great for applying any base products 
  • Basic Brush Set – include face and eye brushes. I recommend the Real Techniques Basics Brush Set


  • Always prioritise skincare over makeup. Good skin = less foundation etc
  • Wash any tools regularly as bacteria can build up and consequently cause breakouts
  • Pay attention to the expiry date of makeup products (especially mascara and any eye products)
  • Remember that everyday makeup should enhance your natural features. I believe it’s important to love the you with no makeup on.

That’s all for today. Have a fabulous weekend and week ahead and I’ll be back next week!

Until next time,




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