MAKEUP REVIEW | Garnier BB Creams

Long time no see? So I’m back. Since I last blogged, I’ve had my summer vacation and now I’ve started college! It’s insane how quickly 2016 is going (..but maybe that’s for the best).

Today I’m back with a review I’ve been wanting to do for ages. I’m finally going to view two Garnier BB creams. I’ve tried and tested both (with and without my W7 Prime Magic Primer). So, let’s get into it.

Garnier Oil Free BB Cream (Light) vs Garnier Original BB Cream (Extra-Light)

So the packaging is pretty typical of a BB Cream. The Oil Free BB Cream comes in a longer, slimmer bottle whereas the Original one comes in a shorter one. The Original BB Cream has 50ml verses the 40ml from the Oil Free one. 

Now being extremely pale I of course opted for the lightest shades. I was excited to see that the Original had released an ‘Extra-Light’ shade on top of their already 2 existing shades, but I do have a few things to say about that. The Oil Free had I believe 2 shades, the lightest of which was ‘Light’. As you can see below, their ‘Light’ and ‘Extra-Light’ shades…well…I’ll get into that later. For all my super pale people put there, you’ll have a struggle on your hands.. As for shades catering to deeper skin tones, unfortunately Garnier goes as far as Medium which I haven’t tested out, and as per usual their shade range leaves a lot to be desired. 

The top swatch is from the Original BB Cream in ‘Extra-Light’, the bottom is the Oil Free in ‘Light’. The Original is closer to my skin tone but doesn’t provide much coverage as it has more of a moisturiser consistency. The Oil Free is extremely orange, it is a mattifying BB Cream with decent coverage, if only the shades could swap..

As mentioned previously, they each have a different consistency. The Original is more thick and a moisturiser and provides a more natural, dewy finish. The Oil Free is runny but provides a matte finish with a light-medium coverage.

Usually, if you’re going to be wearing a BB Cream a primer isn’t always used before. But I’ve tested both with a primer and they actually work a whole lot better WITHOUT one. The Original became more shiny and greasy with a primer (I don’t really know why) and the Oil Free didn’t really act differently with or without one. 

If I’m completely, 100% honest these aren’t something you NEED in your makeup collection. I’ve used better BB creams (Korean ones especially) which are cheaper (the Garnier ones are around £10, Korean ones are from about £5 on Amazon) and which have a lot better colour match for super pale people such as myself, but unfortunately still a limited range for deeper skin tones. 

The formulas are great on these BB Creams, the Oil Free are great at keeping your skin matte during the day and the Original is good at hydrating and giving a super pretty natural look. 

Overall, if you want them, get them. Just make sure you swatch them first and get one that is suitable for your skin type (mine being combo-oily). Personally they’re not my favourite (my current favourite being the Missha Magic Cushion) but if it matches your skin tone/type then I think they’re good for the nomakeup and errand-running days. Out of 10? A solid 5/10. 




2 thoughts on “MAKEUP REVIEW | Garnier BB Creams

  1. great review! and congrats on continuing with blogging – i’m in college now too so i understand the struggle 😉
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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