Helix Piercing 101

Hey guys, so today is going to be slightly different. Today I’ll be talking all about my helix piercing, explaining the piercing process, aftercare and some tips on how to keep it looking fab.

Ok so first of all, the helix is a piercing which you get on the cartilage part of your ear. Yes that means bone is being pierced, but don’t be put off by this. It can take up to 12 months for it to heal but as long as you take good care of it then the healing process should be smooth and easy.

So I got my helix done about 4 months ago at a piercing boutique I had heard amazing things about. I’d never been to this place before (since I got both my lobe piercings done in Claire’s…) so I was nervous as to what the staff and boutique would be like. I got a clear crystal stud which I’m pretty sure is titanium.

Anyways as soon as I walked in I was greeted by a lovely lady who instantly put my mind at rest. I went with my mum so I wasn’t alone in this process. I soon realised that there were only 2 women who worked there, both were amazing.

I had to fill out a consent form and if you were under 16 then you needed your parents permission. I sat on the couch, waiting until it was my turn.

Ok, now for the actual process. I got taken to the room where all the piercings take place and I sat on this table/bed thing and got told to sit extremely tall. The lady washed and sanitised her hands and put on disposable gloves and began cleaning my ear. She was extremely thorough at cleaning and took a good few minutes drawing the mark where she was going to pierce my ear.

After this she sprayed some solution into a tissue (I’m not entirely sure what it was, disinfectant or a numbing solution? Who knows).

Then she bought out the needle. Yes a needle. Seriously guys, it’s so so SO important that you get any cartilage piercing done with a needle. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty scared of needles. But if you get any cartilage piercing done with a piercing gun then it can shatter your cartilage and be 100000x more painful that getting it pierced with a needle.

So she bought out the needle and she put it through my ear on the mark she had made. Honestly, it was so quick. Then she put in the jewellery and bam, it was over.

How painful was it? It really wasn’t that bad. The actual piercing process was more uncomfortable than painful. On a scale of 1-10 I would say it was maybe a 2/3. After I had it done my ear went red and felt kind of hot. But I had the same reaction after I had my lobes pierced.

Some extra details I should add: I had a stud instead of a ring. There was no other choice other than having a stud as studs make the healing process easier. I bought a spare ball (which is basically the butterfly clip) for £2 which is just incase mine fell off although they screw it on pretty tight. After about 2-3 weeks I went back and got my stud changed to a ring, which is what I have in it now. 

After the piercing I did some shopping in town with little discomfort. It was kind of sore however like I said earlier it was similar to the lobe piercings.

I took some arnica and nurofen to help reduce swelling and help healing early on. It was perfectly fine for a couple days until about the 3rd day since having it done. It began to swell and hurt a fair bit. But this is quite common as 2-5 days after the piercing it’s almost like your ear realises it’s been pierced and kinda acts up a bit. But I took some nurofen and it was completely fine.

Aftercare is probably the most important part of getting a piercing. The piercing boutique I went to said to clean the piercing twice daily with a half cup of boiled but cooled water and about 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt. The sea salt MUST be sea salt and sea salt only. No added chemicals should be in there and please don’t use table salt. Even if your piercing acts up like mine did, keep cleaning it morning and night.

Ok so now I feel like some tips and advice would be awesome;

  • I would recommend at least having one ear piercing before getting a cartilage piercing, so at least you are somewhat aware of what a piercing is like and the essential care and dedication it needs
  • Clean with the salt solution using cotton buds and maybe soaking it with a cotton pad if you feel your piercing needs it
  • Do some research and ask friends about piercing boutiques and their experiences at them so you know you’re going to a good, reliable place
  • Make sure the piercer is practising good hygiene and sanitisation by washing hands and wearing gloves, and using new and packaged tools and equipment
  • Ensure the little mark where the piercer plans to pierce is where you want it
  • Don’t play or touch your piercing after you get it done. The only thing touching it should be the tool you use to clean it with
  • If you think something is up with your piercing go back to your piercer, they’re the professional
  • Don’t change your piercing until it is safe to do so. If you do it too soon then the pain can be excruciating when putting new jewellery in, and it’s recommended you get it changed by your piercer first
  • Take arnica for as long as directed to do so as it seriously is a lifesaver
  • Try not to sleep on your piercing as it can cause it to flare up (although it is quite hard to sleep on one side only)
  • I recommend doing your research before getting any piercing, asking any friends who have had it done what their experience was like. But remember that everyone’s pain threshold is different so what may have been an awful experience for one person could be not so bad for another
  • Having a friend or a family member there is a great help. They don’t have to hold you hand but it’s nice to have the support (my mum was kinda grossed out before but she watched the whole thing!)
  • Enjoy your piercing, if you look after it then it will stay fab forever

So here’s what the piercing looked like 2 weeks after I had it done:

Now 4 months on, it’s still perfectly fine. I do however have one of those bumps which are common in cartilage piercings and nothing to worry about. So I’m currently cleaning the piercing with salt water morning and night, just like I did at the start.

Here’s what it looks like now:

As for my next piercing, I’m thinking maybe a third on my lobes (I’m still unsure on that one) or a rook piercing..but I think I’m leaning towards the latter. What piercings do you guys wanna get? Let me know!

If you have any questions leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.




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