MAKEUP REVIEW | Sleek Solstice Highlight Palette

Hello, my loves!

Today I am here with a review on one of my favourite makeup products of all time. I got the Sleek Solstice Highlight Palette for Christmas, and I’ve been using it everyday since. So I can definitely say that this palette is tried and tested.


The palette comes in pretty decent packaging. When first bought, there is a simple black box with info and diagrams of the product (which I threw away when I first got it). The main packaging is a pretty nice and sturdy gold plastic box/case which features a decent sized mirror. Due to it being extremely shiny, the casing can get dirty relatively quickly, although cleans up easily. You also get one of those generic brushes which come with almost every drugstore palette in the universe. I haven’t used this brush because I usually find them to be crappy, however I’m sure it is usable if you are in a situation without a brush, or if you enjoy applying your highlight in that way.


In this palette you get 4 highlights; one cream and four powder. I have tried all of these and can I will give mini reviews on all of the products included in this palette.

(L-R) Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar, Equinox
  • Ecliptic – The only cream highlight in the palette. It is smooth and perfect for a natural, glow-from-within look. It also works when layered with powders.
  • Hemisphere – One of the powder highlights in the palette. It has a purple undertone but this doesn’t translate onto the skin. This can give you a blinding highlight for those days where you wanna blind the person next to you on the bus to college.
  • Subsolar – Another powder highlight. Probably the one I use most on a daily basis and it gives a really nice highlight, sort of in between a natural and a blinding highlight.
  • Equinox – A powder highlight which has more of a salmon undertone. This would look gorgeous on medium-darker skin tones, and it does work on pale skin such as my own (however some of the salmon undertone can be visible on the skin).


Overall thoughts

Guys, honesty. I rarely say something is my favourite, but this palette is an exception. Such a high quality palette with gorgeous highlight shades which give a stunning glow to any look. I know for a fact that this palette is better than so many high end highlights on the market, and this palette is loved by makeup addicts out there such as JeffreeStar, MannyMUA, KathleenLights and many more!

Although this may be more on the pricey side of drugstore products (£9.99 from Boots, Superdrug and various other shops including online), I believe it is completely worth it for the four highlights you get.


So guys, that wraps up today’s blog post. Let me know if you’ve tried this palette and whether you loved it as must as I do.

Until next time,




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